PCAS Vaccination & Microchip Clinics

Vaccination Clinics Update

Animal Services is resuming Vaccination Clinics May 12 at 8 a.m. by appointment only.  You can schedule a visit at: https://app.waitwhile.com/book/pascocountyanim.

PCAS hosts a vaccination and microchip clinic in our Adoption Center every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. until noon. Appointments are required and are 10 minutes long for each pet.  Not a Pasco County resident? Not a problem! We welcome residents from all counties who would like to have their pet microchipped or vaccinated.  Appointments can be scheduled at: https://app.waitwhile.com/book/pascocountyanim

Your pet(s) will not be seen if you do not have an appointment.  A staff member will meet you in the front of the PCAS Adoption Building (Building A) to check you in for your appointment.  

Staff are striving to maintain social distancing recommendations and will work to limit contact.  Staff will wear personal protection equipment (PPE) while working with our community and will strive to transfer your receipts and documentation digitally.  

All Pasco County residents will be required to purchase a county animal license if you are purchasing a rabies vaccination.
*For anyone requesting a 3-year vaccination, proof of previous vaccination is required.

For the safety and comfort of you any your pet, please wait in your car with the air conditioning.  During the summer months it gets warm very quickly and we are limiting the amount of visitors in the lobby.  A staff member will be happy to check you in and find you at your car once the medical team is ready to see your pet.  You can find more information and tips for keeping your pet safe in the heat at https://bit.ly/2TZYMaN

Interested in vaccinating 5 or more pets?

We are happy to assist with multi-pet households,  If you have more then 5 pets, please complete this form.  This form will collect important information that can be entered into our system ahead of time to help expedite the check-in process.  For large groups of pets, please arrive no later than 10 a.m. for check in. 
  1. Canine Services
  2. Feline Services
Service Price
1 Year Rabies Vaccine
3  Year Rabies Vaccine*
Distemper (DAPPV) Vaccine
Distemper/Leptospirosis (DHLPP) Vaccine $13.00
Leptospirosis Vaccine $10.00
Bordetella Vaccine
Heartworm Test
Microchip & Registration
Canine Clinic Combo: Basic Exam, DAPPV, Bordetella & Heartworm Test
Canine Clinic Combo: Basic Exam, DHLPP, Bordetella & Heartworm Test $53.00
Simparica Trio (Heartworm, Flea & Tick Prevention) - Available in 6 dose supply only Prices Vary
Simparica (Flea and Tick Prevention) - Available in 6 dose supply only Prices Vary
Iverhart Plus (Heartworm Prevention) - Available in 6 dose supply only) Prices Vary
A lost dog arriving at a shelter with a microchip doubles his chances of finding his way home.