PCAS Barn Cat Program

Why Barn Cats?

Sometimes the shelter will end up impounding cats that are unsociable. This could be due to a hoarding situation, the health of a found cat or due to the cat having bitten or scratched a person. In situations such as this, the cat would not be eligible for adoption due to their un-socialized status. To prevent the euthanasia of these cats, PCAS will attempt to TNVR strays back to the area they were found. In cases where the cats come from a hoarder, they would be advertised as barn cats.

A cat looking through a section of a barn.

Why Not TNVR Cats from Hoarding Cases?

It would be unethical to TNVR cats from hoarding situations back to their original home as most often, these homes are unhygienic and the caregivers overwhelmed. Cats from hoarding cases have their behavior assessed over a period of time, as initially, they may be very stressed from their ordeal.

Barn Cat Program at PCAS

Barn cats are available to the public free of charge! They are altered, vaccinated and microchipped. All barn cat candidates are named as such on our Petango website.

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Barn Cat Program

Humane Deterrents for

Community Cats

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