Solutions for Living With Community/Feral Cats

  1. Getting into Trash
  2. Climbing on Vehicles
  3. Digging in Your Garden
  4. In the Yard/Porch
  5. Sleeping in Sheds/Porches
  6. Fighting/Spraying/Reproducing
  • Ask your neighbors if they are feeding the cats. If they are, suggest they feed them on a regular schedule.
  • Make sure your trash can has a tight fitting lid.
  • Start a colony feeding station! Feed them at set times, during daylight hours, in an out of the way place. Feed reasonable quantities (what can be eaten within 30 minutes).

Humane Deterrents for Community Cats

Looking for information regarding humane deterrents for community/feral cats?  Check out this article from Best Friends Animal Society.  You can also watch this video for a guided demonstration of these deterrents to see which may be of best benefit to you.