What is a Community/Feral Cat?

What is a Community/Feral Cat?

A domestic feline that has been abandoned, lost or neglected and forced to live and survive on its own is called a "stray". The offspring of these stray cats, raised without human contact, develop a natural fear of people and become "wild". The wild offspring of domestic animals are called feral.

Why Do We Have Community/Feral Cats?

Human indifference is the root cause. This is most often attributed to uneducated pet guardians who do not spay or neuter their own pets, allowing them to roam and breed freely. This, combined with those who abandon or neglect their pets ads to the rise of the feral cat population.

Can the Community/Feral Cat Population Be Controlled Humanely?

YES! TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release) is a humane method of control that first began in England in the late 1970's. Studies have proven that TNVR is the single most effective method of stabilizing and maintaining feral cat colonies, with the least cost to government and residents. Pasco County offers a low cost TNVR option to all it's residents!

Information on what community/feral cats are from Alley Cat Allies

Be Part of the Solution!

  • Don't abandon your pets and report those who do to Animal Services!
  • Educate others on the benefits of spaying and neutering!
  • Participate in TNVR efforts in your area!
  • Spay and neuter your pets!

Humane Deterrents for Community Cats

Looking for information regarding humane deterrents for community/feral cats?  Check out this article from Best Friends Animal Society.  You can also watch this video for a guided demonstration of these deterrents to see which may be of best benefit to you,