NPDES Permit Training

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requires the county to develop and implement a written plan for training all appropriate county employees (including field crews, inspectors, fleet maintenance staff, and fire rescue field staff), and contractors who work in the field. The purpose of the NPDES training is to educate county employees and contractors on how to identify and report conditions in the stormwater system that may indicate the presence of illicit discharges and illegal dumping. The county is also required to train certain employees and contractors on proper spill prevention, containment, response techniques and procedures.

To comply with the county's NPDES permit requirements, the Stormwater Management Division has prepared two training videos. These videos are "On the Lookout for Illegal Discharges" and “Spill Prevention and Response Training”.

Training for contractors:

All bidders for county contracts are required to execute a "Certification of Understanding regarding NPDES and the Pollution Prevention Control Plan (PDF)." This requirement, and specific language, was coordinated with the county Attorney's Office and is incorporated into the county's bid documents.

Take the Training:

Click here for NPDES Training for county employees and contractors.