Project Management / Design Division

Project Management/Design Division is responsible for the execution of the Transportation Capital Improvements Program through the supervision and coordination of the following phases of the project:

  1. Planning through development of the Route and Pond Studies
  2. Design and Permitting
  3. Right-of-Way coordination with the Real Estate Division and the County Attorney's Office
  4. Preparation of the Bid Package for Project Advertising and Contract Award
  5. Construction Management

Other Responsibilities include design of minor transportation and drainage projects for internal customers and management of Engineering Inspections.

Route Studies

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If you would like to view Route Studies and Pond Siting Reports that have been approved by the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners, please see links listed below. The Studies and Reports are listed in alphabetical order by the road name. Some of the documents are large and may be split into multiple folders.

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