Bear Creek-Pithlachascotee Watershed Task Force Meeting

Following the 2015 flooding events in Pasco County, a citizen task force group was formed for the Bear Creek/ Pithlachascotee Watershed. 

The purpose of each Watershed Task Force Meeting is to:

  • Discuss related drainage issues and possible new drainage improvement projects that could help alleviate flooding in the watershed.
  • Provide a forum where willing citizens would provide positive input to the county regarding areas of flooding and possible solutions that could be considered by the county.
  • Based on citizens’ specific knowledge of the watershed, allow the county an opportunity to share with citizens on-going or future drainage improvement projects contemplated or completed in the watershed.
  • Get citizens’ positive input to help the county and the Southwest Florida Water Management District in updating available watershed drainage studies using local experience provided by the citizens.
Bear Creek Watershed Meeting March

Starkey Wilderness Park Task Force Meeting