Pipe Replacement Projects

County-wide Pipe Replacements

Many pipe replacements/repairs are done by the Public Works Department's Road & Bridge (Operations) Division staff while others are contracted to independent contractors.

County-wide Pipe Installations/Replacements By Public Works Staff (PDF): As noted in the preceding Link, the location, photograph (before, after or during, as may be available), date of the replacement or installation, pipe size and type, Watershed in which the installation was done, as well as the Commissioners' District are all included in the table, for easy reference. 

Pinellas Anclote (West) Watershed Pipe Replacements

The first links below shows pipe installations and/or replacements completed by Public Works staff. The second link shows pipe replacements/repairs completed by contractors, all in the Pinellas/Anclote West Watershed during 2015.

Replacements By Public Works Staff (PDF)
Replacements By Contractors (PDF)