Illegal Filling

Illegal Filling Violation The placement of fill is regulated pursuant to the County's Land Development Code Section 403.6 and a county permit may be required in unincorporated Pasco County, in recognition of the fact that fill may cause adverse impacts to watersheds, drainage patterns, native habitats, air and water quality. Fill may also create erosion and sediment discharge problems that affect the quality of receiving waterways and wetlands.

Exemptions from Fill Permitting:

Certain fill activities are exempt from the county's Site Development Permit requirements, as described in Section 403.6.C of Chapter 400, subject to specific prohibitions of the cited Land Development Code. For example, fills of less than five (5) cubic yards are exempt, as cumulative amounts do not exceed five (5) cubic yards.


No fill may be placed within a wetland or designated special flood hazard area.

Illegal Filling Violation

Illegal Filling Violation