Shovel Ready Sites

Shovel Ready - What It Is. Why It Works.

Location consultants (Site Selection) and businesses evaluating a site consider a number of factors before their final choice. These include land costs, proximity to markets, the local labor force, infrastructure and time to market.

Generally speaking, shovel ready refers to commercial and industrial sites that have all of the planning, zoning, surveys, title work, environmental studies, soils analysis and public infrastructure to the site and completed prior to putting the site up for sale and are under the legal control of a community or other third party.

All of these factors are important to the site selection process, but most often state and local governments have the most control over time. Time delays, including increased construction and infrastructure costs, add to the direct cost of a project. Additionally, delays in completing a project signifies a loss of business revenues while waiting to open.

Choosing the appropriate type of development for a community, analyzing what needs to be done to prepare a site for such development, and determining what permits are needed ahead of time substantially reduces the time normally needed to develop a site. In addition, it saves businesses significant development costs, and makes Pasco's sites more attractive to developers.

Combined with a strong marketing effort and an array of economic development incentives, having ready sites allows Pasco to capitalize on our important geographic, demographic, communications, and infrastructure resources.

With the Jobs and Economic Opportunities Trust Fund, Pasco can offer a program to partner with private land owners, developers, and businesses to bring sites to the 'Ready' classification and to market them as such. This section of webpages will explain the process, and provide access to the necessary forms and contact information in an easy-to-understand format.

Ready Certification - A Key to Economic Success

To give our developers an edge in the regional, state, and global competition to attract business and industry, Pasco County has developed the concept of a 'Ready Certification'. By having sites selected and prepared for specifically targeted economic development projects, potential time delays posed by the permitting and environmental review processes can be turned into advantages. This approach is the essence of Pasco’s Ready Sites program.

Ready Certification is a common sense approach designed to help attract new industries, new companies, and new jobs for the future. Ready Certification helps provide Pasco with a competitive edge for attracting new businesses in today's global economy.

Selecting Sites

For more information about site selection and site certifications, click the links below:

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To apply for this program and funding, please review our Office of Economic Growth policy and application:
Application Material (PDF)