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Transportation Planning/Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is responsible for transportation planning in Pasco County. MPO planning activities are primarily funded by two federal grants that are channeled through the Florida Department of Transportation.

MPO planning activities are primarily funded by two federal grants that are channeled through the Florida Department of Transportation.

The four groups involved in the MPO planning process include:

  • Elected officials from four local governments (Cities) and Pasco County Commission form the MPO Board that is made up of nine voting members. FDOT District Seven is designated as a non-voting advisor.
  • The Citizens' Advisory Committee (CAC)
  • The Technical Advisory Committee/Congestion Management Task Force (TAC/CMP)
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

The MPO is the state and federally recognized official Transportation Planning Agency for Pasco County. The MPO has an agreement with Pasco County to provide staff services which includes technical and administrative support.

MPO Planning Activities Concentrate on the Following:

  • Assist in refining the regional transportation forecasting computer model.
  • Assist in the implementing of the Transit Development Plan (TDP).
  • Assist in Transit planning efforts in conjunction with the Pasco County Public Transportation Division (PCPT).
  • Assist the County with the development of US 19 Urban Infill and Redevelopment Plan and the FDOT with the implementation of the corridor plan that will include median channelization; continuous, right-turn lanes; and other short-term and long-term improvements. Assist with the FDOT Goods Movement Study for the region.
  • Assist with regional public-involvement processes and regional transportation meetings.
  • Continually update the Traffic Congestion Management System.
  • Coordinate regional transportation planning with other MPOs and TBARTA.
  • Develop a Continuity of Operations Plan that will guide how the MPO will continue to function after a disaster.
  • Develop a major update of the five-year Transit Development Plan (TDP).
  • Develop a regional transportation project priority list including Transportation Regional Incentive Program grant funds.
  • Develop corridor-management plans for specific highways.
  • Develop the five-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for State and Federal transportation projects.
  • Develop the MPO's Unified Planning Work Program budget
  • Develop the Pasco County MPO list of priority projects.
  • Follow the Federal Transportation Planning Process to ensure continued eligibility of federal and state funding of improvements for a multimodal transportation system.
  • Fund and support the Transit Disadvantaged Community Transportation Coordinator (Local Coordinating Board).
  • Fund the County Traffic Operations Division to perform annual road-traffic counts.
  • Implement the MPO's 2035 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and the 2015-2025 Interim Plan via the MPO's list of priority projects and the TIP.
  • Implement the Multiuse Trail Plan for the region and seek funding to interconnect trails.
  • Provide current and projected socioeconomic and land use data for the County.
  • In conjunction with Hillsborough and Pinellas MPOs, develop a coordinated, public transit, human-services transportation plan.
  • Provide current-year and future-road classification maps, number of lanes maps, current year available capacity tables, list of congested roadways, clear-zone tables and Joint Participation Agreements.
  • Refine ultimate road network plans for subareas of the County.
  • Seek funding for the implementation of a County-wide bicycle and pedestrian plan.
  • Strengthen the public-involvement process by providing MPO activities and documents on the MPO website.
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