Community Recycling Sites

 The following drop off sites are open and will accept anything you would recycle from home!

West Pasco Recycling Center
14606 Hays Road, Spring Hill
7am to 4:30pm, Monday - Saturday
Additional Materials Accepted
For more information, call:
East Pasco Recycling Center
9626 Handcart Road, Dade City
7am to 4pm, Monday - Saturday
Additional Materials Accepted
For more information, call:
Holiday Area Recycling
Anclote Gulf Park
2305 Baillies Bluff Road, Holiday
8am to 5pm, Wednesday - Saturday
Land O’Lakes Area Recycling
Senior Services Center
6801 Wisteria Loop, Land O’Lakes
8am to 3:30pm Monday - Friday

If you have curbside trash pickup, you can recycle from home.

Call your garbage hauler for more information.

All facilities listed above will accept:

  1. Aluminum Cans
  2. Cardboard
  3. Paper
  4. Plastic Bottles & Containers
  5. Metal Food Cans

We accept aluminum cans in our program. Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to power a standard laptop for two hours!

Please make sure cans are clean and dry!

Aluminum Cans

Why Don't You Recycle Glass?

When glass breaks, it acts as a contaminant for other materials and makes them more difficult to recycle. Recycling standards have increased over the years, and glass makes it harder to recycle other material. Glass is expensive to process and there is no viable market for recycled glass in Florida. To reduce costs and increase the recyclability of the overall stream, glass is no longer accepted.

Why no _____________________?

We can only accept the items listed because the machines that separate recycling are only designed for certain items. Anything else can cause the machines to seize up, slow down, or even break.

Remember: When in doubt, throw it out!