Reduced-Fare Photo ID

The PCPT Reduced-Fare Photo ID Program for discount fares and passes:

- The following categories are reduced-fare eligible: *students of any age; *persons 65 years of age and over; persons with certified disabilities (disability application (PDF)); Medicare card holders; Veterans Administration Healthcare card holders (must be service connected disability, or have physician complete an application), and other transit agencies’ reduced-fare permit holders.

- The PCPT photo ID must be shown to the driver when boarding to use or purchase a reduced-fare pass or cash fare. Medicare card holders may use their Medicare cards with a Government-issued photo ID in lieu of the PCPT photo ID. Another transit agency’s reduced-fare photo ID may also be used in lieu of the PCPT photo ID.

- Passengers who do not have their PCPT photo ID when using a reduced-fare pass to board a bus must pay regular fare prices.

- Photo IDs are the sole property of PCPT and subject to confiscation by any PCPT staff member if the passenger violates the rules and requirements of the Reduced-Fare ID Card program.

East Pasco Residents must schedule an appointment for a Reduced-Fare photo ID. Please call 352-521-4587 or 813-235-6073.

West Pasco Residents do not need an appointment; walk-ins welcome during business hours, Monday through Friday between 8am-5pm.

*Must show proof of enrollment