Targeted Industry Sectors

In addition to the State of Florida's Targeted Industry Sectors, the Pasco County Economic Development Plan further identifies three industry categories that hold potential for regional and local growth, unique business attributes, and job creation

The following categories support the Pasco County Economic Development Strategic Plan.

I. Leading Edge Development 
– This sector harnesses the intellectual and creative capacity of the County to research and then develop new ideas and technologies into the marketplace. This category encompasses concepts such as technology-led development, high-level entrepreneurial activity, and high tech development. Subsectors include:

  • Medical/Biomedical/Life Sciences
    • BioTechology
    • Electronic Health Records
    • Medical Devices/Equipment
    • Medical Simulation & Training
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Specialized Medicine
  • Information/Finance/Business Technology
    • Business Services
    • Consulting & Research
    • Financial Services1
    • IT Services Media & Design
    • Programming/Systems Design & Data Services
    • Research & Engineering
    • Telecommunications
    • Aviation/Aerospace
    • Aerospace products/manufacturing
    • NextGen testing and demonstration
    • Satellite telecommunications
    • Space research and technology
  • Defense and Security
    • Security Technology
    • Security & Intelligence consulting
  • High Technology/Electronics/Instruments/Manufacturing
    • Computer & Software Systems Design & Integration
    • Digital Media
    • Infotechnology
    • IT Hardware
    • Measuring and Controlling Devices Manufacturing
    • Optics/Photonics

II. Transportation Centers – This industry recognizes the need by large companies to locate transportation distribution centers as a cost-effective means to transport goods from producer to consumer. Subsectors include:

  • Logistics
    • Intermodal Loading Centers
    • Distribution
    • Wholesale Trade
    • Transportation

III. Sustainable Resources – This sector not only recognizes the opportunity to create jobs through the restoration of brownfields or grayfields, but also the longer-term opportunity to create industry on land that may be located near rural, conservation or environmental preservation areas. Developing the sustainable resources sector can also include activities to restore and preserve the environment. Subsectors include:

  • Agri-business
    • Value Added Agriculture
    • Food Processing
    • Algae Production
    • Value Added Aqua Culture
  • Brownfield/Grayfield Development
  • Renewable Energy Development (i.e. solar fields)

Target Industry Sector Incentives

The New Pasco is business friendly. We work with our developers and employers to expedite permitting processes, offer a variety of incentive packages to those who qualify, and welcome job creation with open arms.

As part of our economic development strategy, the New Pasco is actively and aggressively seeking companies interested in expanding to the greater Tampa Bay Area, especially in the targeted industry sectors listed above. If your company is interested in learning more about what the New Pasco has to offer, email David Engel or call 727.815.7092.