Natural Floodplain Functions

Throughout Pasco County there are natural areas which include wetlands, open space and parks. Wetlands are natural cleaning systems filtering contaminants and purifying water as it passes through. Wetlands collect and store rainwater. Some of the rainwater soaks into the ground to recharge the aquifer. Another benefit of wetlands is to help protect us from floods. Wetlands absorb heavy rainfall and release the water very slowly, protecting homes and businesses from flooding.

In 2004, recognizing the importance of these natural areas, Pasco County created the Environmental Lands Acquisition and Management Program (ELAMP). Through this program, natural areas of Pasco are being acquired and preserved in their natural state. For more information on this program visit the Environmental Lands website.

You can also review a map (PDF) of the natural areas that have been preserved and those proposed to be preserved.

In addition, Pasco County has adopted rules to protect wetlands by requiring new development to set back from wetlands. To learn more about the ways Pasco County protects wetlands and other natural areas visit Chapter 800 of the Land Development Code.

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