Electronic Equipment Recycling

Please bring your electronic equipment for recycling to our Electronic Recycling Center.


West Pasco Class III Landfill
14606 Hays Rd.
Spring Hill, FL 34610
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East Pasco Transfer Station
9626 Handcart Rd.
Dade City, FL 33535

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Facility hours are Monday – Saturday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. with the exception of observed County holidays.


Recycling fee


  • Televisions under 36 inches
  • Computer monitors
  • Computer towers
  • Laptops
  • Televisions 36 inches and greater 

   For additional information, please call Pasco County Utilities at 813-929-2755 ext. 2046

Computers, cell phones and other electronic equipment contain useful recyclable materials, as well as elements that are hazardous and must not be landfilled or incinerated. Of the materials that can be put to good use after recovery are plastics, non-precious metals (i.e. steel, aluminum, and copper), wood, glass, and precious metals (i.e. gold). However, electronic equipment also often contains lead, cadmium, chromium, and occasionally mercury, all of which can adversely affect human health and the environment if not managed properly.

Pasco County was the first county in the State of Florida, and one of a handful of counties. In 2017 Pasco County recycled over 1 million pounds of electronic waste. Diverting these hazardous materials from the solid waste stream.

For example, tube style TVs and computer monitors make up the bulk of the electronic waste stream. Both are very problematic. The basic unit of TVs and monitors is called a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). CRT units consist of several sections, each of which contains a certain percentage of lead. The staff of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) estimated a total of 6,738 pounds of lead enters Florida’s solid waste stream annually, 41.9% of which was attributed to monitors and TV tubes.

*Note: An average CRT can cost $36 (or more) to recycle. To offset some of the expense of demanufacturing the more costly items, Pasco County does charge a nominal fee for recycling certain items.