Bikes on Buses

Get There Faster.

Ever take the bus and wish you had your bicycle with you? PCPT has an exciting, mobility option for you. The Bikes on Buses program. Enjoy the convenience of taking your bike with you anywhere PCPT travels. Explore areas you could never get to by bike alone. It’s an easy, safe and convenient way to combine your bike ride with a bus trip and venture through Pasco County and beyond.

Take Your Bike Along for The Ride.

Whether you use your bike for transportation, recreation or to commute to work, the Bikes on Buses Program is just the ticket to extend your mobility.
There is no charge for the service and no permit is required. However, optional training is available to those who are unfamiliar with the bike racks, and can be obtained at several convenient locations. We serve walk-ins and can accommodate appointments.

To find out where you can obtain training in your area, please call PCPT at one of the following numbers:
West (727) 834-3322 • East (352) 521-4587 • Central (813) 235-6073
TTY Access: 1-800-338-5430