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Engineering Inspections
Welcome to Engineering Inspections
The Engineering Inspections Division provides professional, competent, technically qualified and experienced engineering inspection relative to the development of private and public subdivision, commercial and special projects that citizens of Pasco County will utilize or live in that has been approved through the development review process.

The Land Development Code 309.2 requires the Engineer of Record to notify this division of the following key activity startups a minimum of five (5) working days in advance:
                                    1.  Clearing, grubbing, tree protection and NPDES requirements.
                                    2.  Subgrade stabilization.
                                    3.  Base Placement.
                                    4.  Paving.
                                    5.  Final inspection.

In order for the County to participate in a final inspection, the Engineer shall provide a signed and sealed certification of completion and three (3) signed and sealed sets of record drawings along with one (1) disk containing .pdf and .dwg format files. Record drawings shall be signed and sealed by both the Engineer and Surveyor on each page and shall accurately depict all conditions "as built."

Land Development Code 310.14 Completion of Improvements

Upon completion of the approved improvements, the developer shall:
  A. Provide to Engineering Inspections a certification from an engineer duly registered in the State, that the improvements have been constructed and completed in comformity to the approved plans and specifications:

  B. Provide to Engineering Inspections all certified signed and sealed test reports per the most current "Pasco County Engineering Services Department Testing Specifications for Roads, Storm Drainage and Utilities";

  C. Provide to Engineering Inspections County-acceptable record drawings; and

  D. Apply for in writing, along with the certification, the release of the Performance Security to Engineering Inspections.

Below are document, forms and information to assist Engineers, Developers and Contractors in completing a project via the Engineering Site Inspection process. Please feel free to contact this office for more information.

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Christopher S. Wert PE, CFM
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Project Management/ Engineering Inspections

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