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Water-Conserving Landscaping
Water Conservation Tips for Landscaping
  • A thick layer of mulch helps keep soil cooler and holds moisture in. It also helps control weeds that compete with landscape plants for water. Use this helpful calculator tool to find out how much you need:  Enter the size of bed and desired depth, and it will calculate how much mulch you will need (in cubic yards or number of bags.)
  • Do not use cypress mulch. Using cypress mulch encourages destruction of cypress trees, which are important native wetland trees. For more information about choosing the right mulch, please visit:
  • Plant it smart! Florida-Friendly landscaping is a great way to design, install and maintain both your plants and irrigation system. More importantly, it will save time, money and water. For free information on Florida-Friendly landscaping, contact the Pasco County Cooperative Extension Service. Website:  
  • Plant native and/or drought-tolerant grasses, ground covers, shrubs and trees. Once established, they do not need water as frequently and usually will survive a dry period without watering. A very helpful publication is The Florida Friendly Landscaping Guide to Plant Selection and Landscape Design.
  • Put the right plant in the right place! Group plants together based on similar water needs into zones.
  • Use a rain barrel or cistern to harvest rainwater for your houseplants, garden or planter beds. The Pasco County Cooperative Extension Service periodically holds rain barrel workshops - check their website for scheduling:

For More Information
For more information or to ask questions, email the Utilities Department or call at (727) 847-8145.