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Lenders / Partners
Pasco County's housing programs could not function without the assistance of its partners, particularly lenders, realtors, and homebuilders. Realtors help homebuyers find the house that they want that meet the needs of their families, enders find the best loan product for inexperienced homebuyers, and homebuilders build the dream homes that families have always wanted.

News for Lenders and Partners

Homebuyer Assistance Program Funding

Please be advised that we are down to the end of our budget for the Homebuyer Assistance Program (HAP).

We will be accepting reservations on a first come, first served basis. Please note that all reservations will be checked for compliance with the new BCC policy on flood zones, sinkholes, and repetitive loss areas. If a reservation does not meet this criteria, it will be rejected.

Lenders: Please send in all reservations via email to Louise McIntyre at . Fax reservations will not be accepted.

Do not send a reservation in with the package as there will not be a guarantee of funding – send it in as soon as possible.

All reservations received through close of business yesterday have been entered and have funding committed for the upcoming transaction.

Realtors: FYI. Please ensure that any lenders you are working with have submitted reservations for upcoming purchases using our HAP assistance.

Please note – our fiscal year ends September 30, 2017. We do not have a roll out date for funding for the new fiscal year. When funding is available for the HAP program for FY2018, an email and notify me will be sent out.
If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Miller at .

Thank you,

Community Development

Lenders Manual Updates

The lenders manual has been updated to reflect the current income levels and down payment assistance available. To access the manual, please click here.

Changes to HAP Program Parameters - Effective June 6, 2017

The Pasco County Board of County Commissioners approved the following revisions to the Homebuyer Assistance Program at today's meeting: 

- Houses in any A flood zone (A, AE, etc.) are not eligible for HAP assistance. 
- Houses in repetitive loss areas are not eligible for HAP assistance. 
- Any home with sinkhole activity, even if the activity has been remediated, is not eligible for HAP assistance.  

Please note that repetitive loss areas can only be verified by County staff due to the confidential nature of that information. Therefore, lenders must submit reservations to the Community Development Department as quickly as possible to verify that any potential HAP purchase is not in a repetitive loss area.

To submit a reservation for HAP down payment assistance, please email the reservation to or via fax to (727) 834-3450.

To verify if a home has any sinkhole activity, please utilize the County accela permitting system at

To verify the FEMA flood zone, please utilize PascoView at, enter in the property address, and click on the "parcel information" link. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Community Development Department at (727) 834-3445.  

New Down Payment Assistance Levels for Homebuyer Assistance Program

Thanks to the feedback that we received during our recent lender/realtor roundtables, Community Development has chosen to modify its assistance levels through the Homebuyer Assistance Program (HAP).

Note that no changes are being made to assistance available for homes purchased through the POP program.  

The new assistance levels are as follows: 

HAP assistance – Pasco assistance only: 
Moderate Income - $5000.00
Low Income - $10,000.00
Very Low Income – $15,000.00  

HAP assistance – combined with Florida Housing Finance Corporation bond forgivable homebuyer assistance: 
Moderate Income - $5,000.00
Low Income - $5,000.00
Very Low Income - $15,000.00

The minimum required contribution will remain the same. 

These new assistance levels will go into effect for any contracts signed on or after June 1, 2017. 

If you have any questions please contact the Community Development Department at (727) 834-3445. 

Income Levels for 2017

To access the 2017 income levels for Pasco County, please click here.

Resources for Lenders / Partners

Lender-Realtor Training

Training for Housing Professionals is required once annually to ensure that you remain on the approved lender or realtor list maintained by Pasco County Community Development. 

Lender Realtor Training Schedule 2017

*NEW* Lender-Realtor Training Schedule 2018

Pasco County Community Development is pleased to announced that you can now register online for our lender-realtor training classes! Please click on the link below and completely fill out the form. Approximately 24 hours  prior to the scheduled class, you will receive a confirmation from Community Development as to your registration.

You may now register online! Click on this link to register for an upcoming Lender-Realtor Training Class