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Current Programs
Financial Analysis & General Support (AD0001): This program includes the administrative and support service activities that allow Pasco County departments / divisions to effectively carry out program related functions and associated activities. Program activities include, but are not limited to, budgeting, purchasing, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Workforce Development (AD0002): This program includes employee performance evaluation, professional certification and continuing education, training and other workforce development initiatives aimed at increasing the capability of employees to participate effectively in the workforce throughout their entire career while simultaneously increasing the County’s capacity to adopt high performance work practices.

Performance Management (AD0003): This program includes all activities related to Pasco County’s ongoing LEAP initiative, program budgeting, performance measurement and other improvement initiatives. Performance management will benefit the County by aligning government services, service delivery methods and the effective use of County funds with citizen expectations.

Business Applications Development, Maintenance & Consulting (LA0180): Provide business application development, maintenance and consulting services that leverage the use of technology in deploying business solutions and process improvements throughout the County.

Networking Services Operations & Maintenance (LA0181): Provide secure and robust voice, data and radio network services which best balance customer requirements with organizational capabilities and priorities.

Computing Services Operations & Maintenance (LA0182): Provide and support a computing environment that enables customers to access: informational resources; general purpose software tools; business applications and services and shared file and print services across multiple secure platforms.