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Mobility Fees
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Pasco County Mobility Fee System wins "Future of the Region" Award!
The award was given to Pasco County for innovatively becoming Florida’s first county to adopt the mobility fee as a replacement of transportation impact fees. Read More


Mobility Fee Administrative Procedures Manual
This Manual identifies the guidelines for conducting an Independent Mobility Fee Study (hereafter referred to as an “Independent Study”) in Pasco County. An Independent Study is required in instances where the County Administrator or designee and the developer are unable to reach an agreement for classification of a proposed development to an equivalent land use category in the adopted fee schedule.

2018 Mobility Fee Update
Celebrate our Six Year Anniversary!  The County’s Multi-Modal Mobility Fee ordinance requires that the fee schedule be reviewed and updated every three years to ensure it is in compliance with the local Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO’s) Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and the Florida Impact Fee Act (F.S. 163.31801)

Mobility Fee Update Project Guide

  • Review and update of technical aspects of the fee schedule, such as transportation system costs, travel-generation parameters of land uses, and current transportation revenue programs
  • Update the geographic boundaries of the urban, suburban, and rural districts
  • Consider adjustments to transportation plan modal strategies and quality of service goals
  • Consider adjustments to revenue program assumed in current mobility fee
  • Re-visit incentives/buy-down by geographic area, by type of development (Transit-Oriented Development-TOD, Traditional Neighborhood Development-TND, Mixed-Use Trip-Reduction Measures Development-MUTRM), and to incentivize redevelopment in the western “market area” of Pasco County

Mobility Fee Ordinance 

2014 Mobility Fee Update - Effective as of November 13, 2014

Multi-Modal Tax Increment Ordinance


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