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PCAS Pack Walks

Pasco Park Walks

 Hosted by
Pasco County Animal Services
Pasco County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources


 The Pasco Park Walks will be set up in the style of a pack walk.  We want to invite the community to join us - even if you don't have a pet.  You may bring your own pet to join the walks.  Please be fair to your pets and our pets and make sure they will be comfortable in this setting and park walk.  The goal of these park walks are to invite the community to meet and see the adoptable pets of Pasco County Animal Services and to consider adopting one of our amazing pets.  We also hope to encourage active and productive means by which you can exercise and bond with your pets.  By joining us you will also get to see several of Pasco County's beautiful parks through trails created for us by Parks and Recreation's staff. 


2018 Schedule

 Date Location
 January 6, 2018
 Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park
 February 3, 2018
 Key Vista Nature Park
 March 3, 2018
 Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park
 April 7, 2018
 Crews Lake Wilderness Park
 May 5, 2018
 Withlacoochee River Park
 June 2, 2018
 Crews Lake Wilderness Park
 July 14, 2018
 Withlacoochee River Park
 August 4, 2018
 Crews Lake Wilderness Park
 September 8, 2018
 Withlacoochee River Park
 October 6, 2018
 Key Vista Nature Park
 November 3, 2018
 Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park
 December 1, 2018
 Key Vista Nature Park

  Parks and Meeting Locations

 Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park
10500 Wilderness Park Boulevard,
New Port Richey, FL 34655
 Corral Parking
 Key Vista Nature Park
2700 Baillies Bluff Road,
Holiday, FL 34691
 The main parking lot is located as soon as you enter the park.
 Crews Lake Wilderness Park
16739 Crews Lake Drive,
Spring hill, FL 34610
 Shelter # 4
Withlacoochee River Park
12449 Withlacoochee Boulevard,
Dade City, FL 33525
 Shelter #1

At every park walk Pasco County Animal Services will bring along adoptable pets.  All pets will be ready to leave directly from the park walk if they are chosen by a family.  All pets adopted from Pasco County Animal Services are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  For additional information on what is included with your adoption fee please visit our adoption page.  These pets will walk alongside the community's pets and, while gaining some socialization and enrichment, they will also be hoping to find their furever home.  The pets joining the walks will be active dogs that may need additional time out of the shelter environment and are best seen and appreciated outside of the shelter environment.  They will be able to benefit from the fresh air and the ability to show how they can best join the community and your family.

 Park Walk Rules and Guidelines

These walks are designed to encourage enrichment, socialization, and inclusion of our pets from Pasco County Animal Services into the community.  It is also our mission and goal to make sure that everyone within the community is safe along with our pets.  We do ask that you review our guidelines and rules so as to help maintain a safe and happy environment for all pets within the community and throughout the park walk.

1. All dogs must be on a secure 6 foot leash with collar.  No retractable/flexi leads will be accepted during the pack walk.  To continue you’re participating in the walk you will be offered a regular 4ft or 6ft lead for your pet by a PCAS staff member.  It is not only for safety but it is also the County Parks rules.  Exceptions will not be made. 
2. No prong collars or electronic collars.  They can cause undue pain to a pet and that pain may make the react out to a neighbor.  For everyone's safety we ask that you use a martingale collar, flat buckle collar and/or a harness. 
3. No face to face contact.   This is for pets both from the community and for shelter pets.  If you are interested in a meet and greet for an adoption please let a staff member know and this will be arranged with a staff member.  Not all privately owned pets like to meet face to face and the same goes for our pets at Pasco County Animal Services.  We do not want the community's pets to feel pressured or you to feel pressured to have your pet behave perfectly.  We want to offer the same to PCAS' pets.  Please respect each other's space and if you need more space you will be able to have it - we have the whole park!
4. One pet per handler.  For safety reasons we would prefer that you only handle one pet at a time.  Our volunteers will be doing it for safety and you should consider the same. 
5. Bring poop bags.  Bring help keep our parks clean and scoop the poop!
6. Please bring water for your pet.  Even in the cooler months dehydration can be a danger.  Make sure to be aware of your pet’s health and comfort.

We would like to reiterate that some dogs need space.  We do not want to exclude pets but be fair to yourself, your pet and others.  If you need additional space do not feel pressure to walk closer to the group than what your pet is comfortable with.  We are not here to judge your pet or you, we are all individuals with individual personalities and our pets share this as well. 

 Park Walk Start Time

All Pasco Park Walks will start at 9am at the designated location listed below.  Please plan to arrive early enough to allow yourself time to find parking and make sure your pet is ready to walk.  The locations of the Park Walks are designed to take weather into account throughout the year.  Some warmer times of the year call for shadier areas on the walks.  We want all the Park Walks to be enjoyable for everyone involved.  Hope to see you on the trails!