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Found Pets

Found a Pet? Here's What to Do

*Visit the shelter or a vets office to have them scanned for a microchip
*Post flyers in your neighborhood
*Surrender the pet to the shelter so we can attempt to find their owner
(cats will need to meet specific criteria)
*Visit the shelter and complete a decline to release form and keep the pet at your residence while you look for the owner (must be held for 90 days)
*Post on Facebook and Craigslist
*Post on Lost/Found Pet websites
*Facebook and Craigslist are helpful resources for advertising/searching for your pet. Look for pages about missing/found pets in Pasco county on Facebook and check the Lost/Found and the For Sale section on Craigslist.

Is the pet you found wearing a county license?
Look up the owner information here!

Found Pets Surrendered to the Shelter 

-PCAS accepts stray dogs
-Cats must meet specific criteria:
      *Sick or injured
      *Too Young /too old to fend for themselves
      *Front declawed
      *Bitten/scratched a person in the last 10 days
-All pets impounded are subject to hold times. PCAS does allow pre-adoption of animals not off their legal hold time as this shortens the pet's stay at the shelter if they are not reclaimed by their owner.
      *Pet with no identification - 3 days
      *Pet with identification - 6 days (make be reduced to 3 days if management determines the identification to not be traceable)
      *Seized Custody - 10 days (this includes abandonment and involuntary abandonment)
      *Quarantine (bite/scratch to a person) - 10 days
      *Extended Quarantine - 45 days/ 6 months*
-Extended quarantine hold times are for animals that have received a bite from an unknown source animal. 

 Want to see if a pet you found has been reported missing? Look HERE!