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Documents, Forms, & Applications
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Development Forms   
Pre-Application Request Submittal Checklists
Pre-Application Meeting Preliminary Site Plan(PSP)
  Preliminary Development Plan (PDP)    
Submittal Applications  Mass Grading Plan (MGP)    
Submittal Application  Construction & Stormwater Management Plans (CPSW) 
Technical Resubmittal Application PSPCPSW - Simultaneous 
  PDPCPSW - Simultaneous
Supporting Application Forms PDPCPSW-NR/MU-(Commercial Subdivision) - Simultaneous  
Access Management Application Preliminary Development & Mass Grading Plan (PDP-MG)  
Agent of Record Stormwater Management Plan (SW) 
Address Request Stormwater Calculations 
School Site Questionnaire Minor Rural Subdivision (MRS) 
Substandard Road Review Application Limited Family Lot Division (LFLD)
Wetland Data Form  Mining Permit
License and Maintenance Agreement  Minor Land Excavation (<30k cubic yds)
  Major Land Excavation (>30k cubic yds)
Code Deviations  Public Noticing Documents 
Alternative Standards - General  Guidelines for Public Notice 
Alternative Standards - Signs  Affidavit of Mailing 
Alternative Standards - Access Management  Neighborhood Notice Sample Letter 
Variance Application - 901.2 Transportation Corridor   Neighborhood Mtg. Invite Sample 
Post-Project Resources  Model Center Information 
Site Development Permit Application  Model Center Checklist & Application 
Commercial Contractor-Developer Notification  Model Center Modification Application 
Landscaping and Irrigation Certificate of Completion  
Modification Application   
Modification Notes   
Concurrency Renewal Application   
Zoning Forms  MPUD
Rezoning Application
MPUD Completeness Checklist 
Conditional Use  Rezoning Application
Special Exception  Substantial Amendment 
Administrative Variance
Non-Substantial Amendment 
Administrative Approval for Beer and Wine Application  MUTRM-MPUD
Zoning - Tier Three Checklist for Communication Towers 
Variance Application - Zoning

Timing and Phasing Application 
Substandard Roads Application   
Comprehensive Plan Forms Appeal Applications 
Where to Begin and Useful Links Appeal Instructions 
Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application Appeal Determination by DRC-PC-BCC
Agent of Record Letter (Corporate for Comprehensive Plan) Appeal Determination by County Official 
 Agent of Record Letter (Individual for Comprehensive Plan)  

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