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Urban Agricultural Ordinance

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                                              Urban Agricultural Ordinance

The Urban Agricultural Ordinance No. 17-19, adopted by the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners on June 20, 2017, provides for design, operations and maintenance standards for community gardens, market gardens and community farms in Pasco County. The ordinance amended Chapter 500 Zoning Standards of the Pasco County Land Development Code detailing principal uses, permitted uses and conditional uses by zoning classification. The ordinance also created a garden plan permit system and provided for definitions of community gardens, market gardens and community farms.

The intent of the ordinance is to:

• To not regulate home gardens or "Greenbelt" agricultural farms exempt under Florida Statutes, Chapter 193.46;
• Clarify the legal status and regulating the permitting and operation of Community Gardens, Market Gardens and Community Farms within the County;
• Increase local food production supplies;
• Allow the growing of crops and ornamental flowers within Pasco County while minimizing negative impacts to adjacent properties and the community;
• Encourage locally grown produce, promote healthy and nutritional food, and fill gaps in food accessibility within the County;
• Foster community engagement by providing opportunities for recreation education/training, special events, social interaction and economic potential benefits;
• Outlines process for use of public lands for community gardens, market gardens and community farms; and
• Provide green space and enhance community character.

The Harbors West Market Redevelopment/Infill Plan adopted by the County Commission on June 25, 2013 included a Community Garden plan element and identified the following strategies:

Strategy 010:

a. "Encourage agriculture and food production at the local or neighborhood scale" and
b. "Help development partnerships to establish and maintain community gardens, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and farmers' markets."

Strategy O11:

a. "Evaluate the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development code to incorporate policies, standards and regulations pertaining to urban agriculture."

Urban Agricultural Ordinance No. 17-19 (adopted 6/20/2017)


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