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Pasco County Food Policy Assessment

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The Pasco County Food Policy Assessment profiles Pasco County’s current food system and is a tool for stakeholders – farmers, sellers, consumers and policy makers.  The study provides insights about Pasco County’s food system’s infrastructure, production, processing, and distribution and consumptions elements.  The study examines the following components of the community food system and provides a snapshot of related data: 

  •          Socioeconomic and Demographic Data; 
  •          Local Agricultural Production; 
  •          Processing and Distribution; 
  •          Food Availability and Consumption; 
  •          Waste and Recycling; and 
  •          Policy and Regulation.  

The study was undertaken by the Pasco County Department of Health with guidance by the Pasco County Food Policy Council and Planning and Development Department Long Range Planning Division. A copy of the assessment is provided below, as well as the presentation to the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners on August 29, 2017.

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