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Funded Programs and Projects
County Initiated Projects
Interstate 75 & Overpass Road Industrial Area

The Pasco County Office of Economic Growth has embarked on an exciting opportunity to turn a County owned parcel of land into a significant opportunity for new businesses and jobs.
Pasco County is the current owner of 100 acres of land, which is slated to be developed as an Industrial and Office Park. The site faces Interstate-75 (I-75) and is located 1.5 miles north of State Road 54 just south of the proposed new connection at Overpass Road and I-75.

The development area has been identified as a significant employment and tax generating activity center for targeted industries.  This site can support 1.8 Million square feet of development, and potentially employ an estimated 4,000 residents.

It is the intention of the County to invest Penny for Pasco Economic Development funds into this site to meet all criterion of a truly Job Ready Site.  This criterion will require the completion of all environmental surveys, the land use is appropriate for the target industry, and the site can accommodate multiple users with easy access to the Interstate for trade purposes.  The County has initiated pre-development engineering services, site evaluation & conceptual design, comprehensive planning & zoning amendments, and the site will be submitted to McCallum Sweeney, a national site selector consultant, for Ready Site Certification once all steps are complete.  Site preparation & marketing efforts will be initiated in 2018.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Approval
Coastal Design for Site Prep Activities 

Zephyrhills Airport Industrial Area Sewer Improvements

The Office of Economic Growth, in partnership with Duke Energy, the Pasco Economic Development Council, and the City of Zephyrhills, completed a site readiness evaluation with McCallum Sweeney which culminated on June 22, 2015, with a joint workshop and presentation to the BCC and the City of Zephyrhills Council members.  Through that evaluation process, McCallum Sweeney identified deficiencies within the Zephyrhills Airport Industrial Area that requires certain infrastructure improvements be completed in order to more successfully attract Primary Target Industries to the area. 

Since that time, the City has invested nearly $4,500,000 through the installation of water infrastructure improvements to provide adequate water supply that will benefit the Zephyrhills Airport Industrial Area and help provide serviced sites for Primary Target Industries.

Sewer Improvements
On June 7, 2016 (OEG16-131), OEG approached the BCC to authorize a county-initiated project to complete the necessary infrastructure improvements around the Airport Area, which was approved for staff to begin negotiations and draft a funding agreement with the City of Zephyrhills to install the necessary sanitary sewer infrastructure.  

Installation of the sewer mains will enhance local employment opportunities for the County’s residents, reduce reliance on regional commuting, and promote the overall economic welfare of the area and meet the intent of the Economic Growth Program. 

The cooperative funding agreement with the City of Zephyrhills, as a county-initiated project, will fund the installation of two lift stations and ±20,000 l.f. of 8” and 10” force main system in the area. The estimated cost, including a 25% contingency, is $3,500,000. 

Pasco Accelerated Development Sites and Occupant Ready Structures (PADS & PORS)
"Pasco County's anticipated growth by 2025 demands an addition of 600,000 square feet of office space and 1.6 million square feet of industrial space per year." Economic Development Plan

Harrod Properties Asturia, LLC– Cooperative Funding Agreement Loan

The Harrod Properties project will be on 21 acres on the western edge of Asturia, a 500-acre mixed-use project being developed by Houston-based Hines Development. This $26 million project includes building two roads and up to 200,000 square feet of Class A spec space for office/industrial use. 

The public commitment (OEG17-025) is a $7 million, 10-year loan from Penny for Pasco sales tax revenue that will be forgiven if the company meets its stated goals of building the roads, extending utilities and constructing the spec space in two phases. 
This project is needed due to the lack of Class A Industrial space.

54 Venture - Blackwater - Class A Office Shell Building

Pasco County has entered into a $4,000,000.00 agreement through the Pasco Accelerated Development Sites and Pasco Occupant Ready Structures Loan Program (PADS/PORS). This loan may be used for infrastructure, site development, and/or building construction of the office building(s) and office parcel(s).

Interest-only payments will become due on an annual basis once the certificate of occupancy is received for the 35,000 square feet of office space. As part of the incentive, a portion (20% per year) of the principle may be forgiven over the term of the loan if a 90% occupancy of the building is maintained annually. If the occupancy goals are not met, the Company will not receive a reduction in principle over the term of the Agreement. A future loan agreement will be brought before the BCC further detailing the terms, interest rate, occupancy and job creation goals.

The Company also warrants the marketing of all outparcels as office space as part of this Agreement. 

Expansion and Location Projects
Tru Simulation +Training

Optional Loan for Building Expansion
Pasco County entered into an Economic Incentive Agreement with TruSim, which includes a provision for the Company, within one year of execution of the agreement, to obtain an $800,000 loan from the Jobs and Economic Opportunities Trust Fund to aid in the expansion and retention in Pasco County. 

The economic benefits to Pasco stem from 161 new employees and $30 million in annual sales, executive, and administrative activities. In addition to direct employment of 161, with a cumulative annual wage estimated at $18.5 million, the indirect and induced effects of the project will create an estimated 321 jobs in Pasco County. These combined jobs generate an average of $47.7 million annually in Gross County Product.

Mettler Toledo 

Mettler-Toledo will locate operations in Pasco County, construct a 250,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility, hire new employees for their expanding operations, paying an average annual wage for all jobs created of at least $51,578 which is one-hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the Pasco County average annual wage, and relocate certain business operations from other states to Pasco County. 

An independent report, conducted for the Pasco Economic Development Council to determine the potential economic benefits afforded by Mettler-Toledo locating to Pasco County, found that the project would lead either directly or indirectly to the creation of approximately 775 new jobs, provide salaries to direct and indirect workers in the amount of approximately $41 million, and add approximately $79 million to the Gross County Product. 

This project will serve as a catalyst for the future office and high tech development in the State Road 54 and Suncoast Highway (State Road 589) corridors, identified as part of the Gateway Crossings Market Area in Pasco County, will enhance local employment opportunities for Pasco County’s residents, reduce reliance on regional commuting, and promote the overall economic welfare of the area. 

The proposed Economic Incentive Agreement commits Pasco to provide numerous economic and other development incentives, including funding for the extension of Northpointe Parkway, that will contribute to the overall financial feasibility of the project, assure expeditious development and development review of the project, leverage other sources of investment, and make Pasco County the most competitive location for the project. 

Roadway Agreement
Economic Development Agreement

Funded Programs, Services, and Workforce Development
Pasco Economic Development Council - Cooperative Funding Agreement

Pasco County has entered into a funding agreement with the Pasco Economic Development Council (Pasco EDC) for additional economic development services using $2,983,000 in funding from the JEO Trust Fund. The agreement funds the following programs or services: 

1. Pasco Ready Sites Program. These services will assess the site readiness toward site certification for a total of 2,500 acres of prospective industrial land. Funds will be used to identify potential sites, assess the current level of readiness of those sites, and report the required improvements necessary to bring those sites to certified levels according to industry standards. This program will identify impediments, potential remedies, and further investments in the improvements needed on identified sites for the following outcomes: 

a. Market certified sites nationally and internationally.

b. Build recognition and the reputation that Pasco County is serious about recruiting world-class companies and has the solutions for business growth needs. 

c. Enhance relationships with premier site selection firms so that Pasco County is viewed as a leader in the Tampa Bay Area for available & ready sites. 

2. International Program. These services will build an international trade program designed to increase export opportunities for Pasco based businesses, including the identification of new international markets, sharing trade leads, providing assistance with obtaining Gold Key matchmaker grants related to international trade missions and trade shows. In addition partnerships will be established to attract foreign direct investment and establish Pasco based operations by international companies. The International Development Program is based on three building blocks:

a. Assisting Pasco companies to identify and capture sales opportunities through international trade. 

b. Marketing Pasco County benefits to foreign companies in targeted industries and countries around the world to influence their location decisions in the United States and to capture a share of those projects. 

c. Cataloging community resources, educating community leaders, workers, and residents with respect to foreign trade, investment and cultures, and organizing and growing community capacity.

3. Entrepreneurship Program. These services include programing for businesses from start-up to mature growth companies located in Pasco County. Services will be coordinated among various business development organizations in Pasco and include proven systems for the development of successful businesses, Economic Gardening, and direct business education and development services, including:

a. CO.STARTERS Business Development

b. CEO Round Tables/SPARC Business Framework 

c. Business Incubators 

d. Pasco Microloan 

e. Pasco Enterprise Network 

4. Enhanced Marketing Program. These services include an integrated marketing program for Pasco County for Business Attraction, Business Retention and Expansion, Entrepreneurship, and Workforce attraction marketing. Marketing efforts will focus on decision making business executives as our primary target audience with site selection consultants as an important secondary target and to increase the likelihood of Pasco County being included on business relocation “short lists.” 

Amskills - Industry Certification Training Center 
Apprenticeship Program

In 2013, the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council performed a Manufacturing Gap Analysis and identified an inability for Tampa Bay manufacturers to promptly fill vacancies for machinists, engineers, and other skilled technical positions. As a solution, the AmSkills (ICTC) intergovernmental agency was created to develop a local technical workforce to meet the demands of existing Tampa Bay manufacturers, and to help attract advanced manufacturing companies to the Tampa Bay area in the future based upon a German & European dual education model. 

The German dual education/apprenticeship model blends academic and practical hands-on education training experience, and allows students to transition from the classroom directly into advanced manufacturing and engineering careers. This model has been utilized in Europe and Germany and other international and United States locations to successfully create a highly skilled workforce, fill manufacturing job vacancies, attract new manufacturers, and strengthen local economies. 

On March 11, 2014, the BCC passed Resolution 14-120 and entered into an Interlocal agreement with Pinellas and Hernando Counties to form the Industry Certification Training Center (ICTC) Governing Board. The ICTC Governing Board is considered a public agency and separate legal entity from the parties to the agreement pursuant to Section 163.01, Florida Statutes, and has a term of five years with automatic renewal and the right to amend or reaffirm the terms of the agreement. As part of the passage of Resolution 14-120, the BCC committed to a seed funding match, not to exceed $200,000 in FY16 and not to exceed $200,000 in FY17.  

The ICTC program was awarded another grant for $200,000 to continue youth pre-apprenticeship training and expand the program to also include adults.  These apprenticeship candidates will be ready for job placement in 4 to 6 months.

These programs expect to have a minimum of 6 youth and 24 adult job ready candidates per year.