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Walk Bike Work Play - Gateway Crossings Plan

WALK. BIKE. WORK. PLAY.   What matters to you?


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WALK.BIKE.WORK.PLAY. is a planning and implementation project to make our neighborhoods, streets and work places
more walkable and accessible by bikes. It is an effort to identify both short-term improvements as well as long-term
investments and policies that are required to create a place that is well connected, and has great access to basic needs such as jobs, parks, and transit. Here's of the through process behind this effort.

"Change is a choice. It takes thought and consistent effort over time. Strengthening and improving our community is a choice
 people make together, and a commitment we make to each other. That's what Planning is."
                                                                                                ~ Matt Armstrong, Pasco County Planning and Development       

Community Engagement

Pasco county Planning is all of us who live here, work here, play here. We all know something about what shapes our community, what is needed, and how we might get it done. The Gateway Crossings project is focused on creating together the foundation, the platform, the support for all of us to build upon. Plans themselves don't bring change; it is people doing things together which bring change. The Gateway Crossings project approaches Planning in this way -- doing as we create the plan itself, and continue doing as our community grows and evolves. Planning is a living activity, it is ongoing. Our success will be tied to broad participation over time and with continued focus. 


"Exemplar cities that we consider as being well planned are ones that empower their residents. When you empower the community, things start happening. Our team is launching My Neighborhood Notebook in the Gateway Crossings area. We want to be a platform that brings the community together to not only identify issues they would like to see improved, but also find solutions using available resources."
                                            ~ Ines Nizeye, Pasco County Planning and Development

My Neighborhood Notebook

My Neighborhood Notebook is a chalkboard with two questions: "I WOULD LIKE TO SEE..." & "I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN..." These two questions invite residents to think of what they would like to see improved in their neighborhoods. For example, someone may point out that their community needs a park and while thinking of a solution, they find that there is an empty lot at the center of the community that could be turned into a park. That lot may simply require residents coming together to clean up and gather any available resources to turn into a park. 

View our full Walk. Bike. Work. Play. website for more information!