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Past Due Rent Assistance
Choose the Program That Fits Your Needs

Thank you for your interest in applying for rental assistance.  Please review the two programs below, and select the application which best corresponds to your needs.

SHIP Rental Assistance

SHIP may be better for your household if any of the
following apply:

  • The household has a moderate income (higher income limits)
  • Your rent is low/affordable (lower rent limits)
  • You live in a mobile home built in 1995 or later
  • You may not yet have an eviction notice

ESG Rental Assistance (Currently not available, please use the SHIP application)

ESG may be more appropriate if any of the
following apply:

  • Your rent is moderate to high (higher rent limits)
  • Your income is very low (lower income limits)
  • You live in a mobile that was built in 1978 or later
  • You have an eviction notice

To apply through ESG, use this application.