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2016 Emergency Response
2016 Emergency Response

The Public Works Department is essentially a "first responding agency" during emergency situations in the county. The 2016 hurricane season has so far, been an active one for Pasco County. The Public Works Department staff worked diligently during the storm events initiating activities to protect the public's safety and to reduce property damage. From lessons of the past, staff was able to significantly improve our emergency operations.

Stormwater Related Activities:

• Proactive Pumping  
Pasco County was prepared when the rain began.  Two pumps were set up on Little Road in Trinity, one on July 16th and one on August 19th.   Another pump at Highland Loop was set up on floats to prepare for flooding events. An existing pump at Winston Road in Beacon Hill was also set up and was activated once it started raining. Pumps were started at Moog Road in Holiday and at Persea Road in Thousand Oaks located in Trinity. Once the flooding began, more pumps were set up at various locations in the county.

• Fresh water gage readings 
The Public Works Department maintains several staff gages in Pasco County, measuring water levels at strategically selected sites.  These gages are read dail by staff of the Stormwater Management Division and provide needed guidance on the opening or closing of operable gates, where applicable.  The 
readings also help staff with Emergency Flood Control operations such as preemptive pumping of accumulated surface water runoff in lakes, canals and other water bodies as may be needed for flood control during severe rainstorms.

 • Sand Bag Distributions 
Public Works employees assisted citizens throughout the county distribution sand bags at different locations following the policy adopted by the BCC. 

• Barricades 
Public works will put out as many barricades to keep Pasco County safe, which identifies areas where citizens should use caution. These locations are reported mostly by the citizens; therefore please contact Public Works for any further information. 



         "Pumping out water; Controlling Pond Water Level"

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                 "Pasco County Citizens filling Sand Bags"