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2017 Storm Activities

The Public Works Department’s staff is typically first on the scene when there is an emergency situation in the county.The 2017 hurricane season was an active one for Pasco County. Public Works staff worked diligently during the Hurricane Irma storm event initiating activities to protect the public's safety and to reduce property damage. From lessons of the past, staff was able to significantly improve our emergency operations.

                                After The Storm

All major roads were cleared after the storm except roads that had power lines down. These roads presented a public safety issue and were closed. Once the power line issue was resolved, closed roads were then open.

The flooding of roadways was not widespread, but in some areas it was significant. The Thousand Oaks Subdivision had six inches to a foot over the roads. Sierra Pines also had six inches to a foot over roads.


Stormwater-Related Activities:

Proactive Pumping
Pasco County is prepared for when the rain starts. Pumps are set up at various locations in the County.

Fresh Water Gage Readings
The Public Works Department maintains several staff gages in Pasco County, measuring water levels at strategically selected sites.These gages are read daily by Stormwater Management staff and provide needed guidance on the opening or closing of operable gates, where applicable. The 
readings also help staff with emergency flood control operations. Theses operations include the pumping of accumulated surface water runoff in lakes, canals and other waterbodies which may be needed for flood control during severe rainstorms.

Sandbag Distributions 
Public Works employees assist citizens throughout the county distributing sandbags at different locations. Employees follow the sandbag policy adopted by the BOCC. 

Public Works will put out barricades to keep Pasco County safe. A barricade identifies an area where citizens should use caution. These problem areas are usually reported by citizens.




         Pumping Out Water - Controlling Pond Water Level


                Pasco County Citizens Filling Sandbags