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Program to Catch Illegal Dumping Violators
Illegal Dumping Violation

Illegal Dumping Along Side of Road

Pasco County Launches New Program 
For Catching Illegal Dumping Violators

Pasco County’s Stormwater Management Division launched a new program to help identify people dumping trash illegally. The county’s new program rewards people for reporting illegal dumping by identifying the violators as seen in the county’s caught-in-the-act videos. If someone recognizes the violator in a video, the county is encouraging that person to call the county’s tip line at 727-247-0567. For their effort in helping the county the individual is eligible to receive a $50.00 cash reward for the tip if the violator is prosecuted. If caught,
violators are subject to a $500.00 fine per item. The $50.00 cash rewards are funded from these collected fines. 

Stormwater Management has set up more than a dozen hidden cameras to catch illegal dumpers in the act. These cameras have helped the county to prosecute some violators, but now with this new
program, the county is asking the public for help in
identifying violators.
 Stormwater is also using the
news media and social media to help identify violators.

Pasco County Illegal Dumping Videos:
(If you can identify the person(s) in a video, write down the case # and contact the county.)

Case # 1330
Case # 1332
       Case # 1333
       Case # 1334
       Case # 1335
       Case # 1336
       Case # 1337
       Case # 1338
       Case # 1339
       Case # 1340
       Case # 1419

Stormwater Management will continue to keep releasing these types of videos to help resolve this problem.

So if you are tired of seeing old mattresses, newspapers, tires, furniture, refrigerators and other trash on the roadsides and in the waterways, then help Stormwater Management identify illegal dumping violators. You will not only be helping the county and protecting the environment but you are also eligible for a $50.00 CASH REWARD.

Call the Tip Line at 727-247-0567 if You Recognize a Violator in One of the County’s Videos


To Report Illegal Dumping Violations Call Stormwater Management at 727-834-3611

Help Pasco County Catch These Violators!