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Gateway Crossings - South Market Area Plan


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Gateway Crossings - South Market Area Plan

The Gateway Crossings Plan is a planning effort to develop a long-term vision for the southern part of the County - also known as the South Market Area. Gateway Crossings runs primarily east-west along SR 54/56 and incorporates properties running north-south along the Suncoast Parkway and Interstate 75. Rebranded as Gateway Crossings by Pasco County's Economic Development Plan, this market area has shown phenomenal growth in recent years. Gateway Crossings Plan is an attempt to address the current issues and opportunities that this area has, as well as to plan for the additional needs warranted by its future growth.

Gateway Crossings (or South Market Area) Vision
The South Market Area is envisioned as urban gateway opportunity area with intensification supported by transit opportunities, in a manner which will enhance energy efficiency and conservation, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The area has a distinct and a dual role as a gateway, to and from Pasco County and shall serve as a premier location for employers.


  • Help ensure a high quality of life for its residents and businesses.
  • Plan for additional needs generated by future growth.
  • Maximize transportation options to attract a broad spectrum of employers and businesses.
  • Encourage a built environment that is walkable, well supported by transit, and provides enhanced access to food, cultural and entertainment options.
  • Encourage a development pattern that supports a healthy life style.
  • Provide a variety of affordable and good quality housing options.
  • Help create vibrant and attractive public spaces or destinations that reflect the unique history and identity of the area's neighborhoods.
  • Plan for a responsible growth that takes into account, the environmental, fiscal and health-related costs of development. 

This project is being led by Pasco County's Long Range Planning Division, in coordination with the Metropolitan Planning Organization's (MPO) Vision 54/56 Project. The Plan will also incorporate the observations, learning and objectives that are highlighted through other past and ongoing studies and planning efforts, including the County's Strategic Planeconomic development planning efforts, and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) advisory panel's reports from 2008 and 2013. We would also like to know your ideas and input.

Gateway Crossings FAQ

Come Join Us!

Your participation is extremely important to this process. We invite you to come share your comments and questions to ensure that we are creating a Plan that is effective and truly meets your needs and vision for this area. Get involved! Ask questions, share ideas and help us develop this Plan. You can get involved using any of these links given below.

As the project progresses through this website, we will keep you informed of all workshops, related events and presentations that we plan for this project.

Please contact us and let us know what you think.

Project Contact:
Smita Ambadi, AICP, LEED-AP
Senior Planner, Planning and Development

Phone 727-847-8140 Ext. 7979
Ines Nizeye
Planner I, Planning and Development

Phone 727-847-8140 Ext. 7255