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Code FAQ's


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1. Animals - Can I have horses, goats, pigs or cows on my property?
You must have a zoning of AR or ER and a minimum of one acre to have any grazing animals. You are allowed three grazing animals per acre; however, only one swine per acre is permitted.
2. Fencing - My neighbor's fence is on my property and a tree is hanging over my roof. Can the County help me?
         The County does not get involved in property line disputes related to fences, trees etc. These are civil matters.
3. Overgrown - How do I get a copy of the County Code rules for overgrown lots?
The lawn must exceed 12 inches to be considered overgrown. The property must have a residential zoning for the ordinance to apply. The owners are given a 14 day warning that is sent via certified mail we must have this mail back before we can send to the contractor for mowing. The typical overgrown complaint takes 30 to 45 days to rectify.
4. Permits - Are permits required for docks or seawalls?
Yes, Please contact Code Compliance at (727) 847-8171.
5. Permits - Is a permit required to remove a tree?
No tree, unless otherwise exempted, shall be removed without the required tree removal permit or appropriate development permit obtained prior to its removal. Tree removal shall not be done on commercially or industrially zoned property for which no site plan or preliminary plan has been approved. For the purposes of this section, irreversible damage shall be treated as a removal. Failure to obtain the required tree removal permit or appropriate development permit prior to such irreversible damage of a tree shall be a violation of this section and shall be punishable pursuant to sections 602.11 and 602.16 of this Code. Clearing and grubbing of parcels for any reason shall not occur prior to obtaining the required tree removal permit or the appropriate development permit. There shall be four categories of tree removal permits: Type I, type II, type III, and type IV. The tree removal permit or appropriate development permit shall be clearly displayed and visible from the nearest public right-of-way and must be posted prior to the start of removal and remain on display until the tree removal is complete. Failure to post a permit is a violation of this section. If tree(s) are required as part of a development plan approval to remain or be replaced, removal of the said tree(s) without the required permit or permit modification is prohibited.
Classification of permits: Each applicant for a permit, as set forth below, shall conform with the procedures that are applicable to that particular type of permit:
A. Type I permits shall be required for the removal of trees five inches dbh and larger in conjunction with any development plan required by section 306 of this Code.
B. Type II permits shall be required for the removal of trees five inches dbh and larger in conjunction with issuance of any right-of-way use or any driveway connection permit pursuant to section 311 of this Code.
C. Type III permits shall be required for the removal of any tree five inches dbh and larger in conjunction with the application and issuance of a building permit that was not, as a part of a related development permit, reviewed for tree removal and/or replacement.
D. Type IV permits shall be required for the removal of any tree where a type I, type II, or type III permit is not required and the tree is ten inches dbh and larger (five inches dbh and larger for non single-family)."
6. Permits - Do I need a permit for a utility shed?
Yes a permit is required for installing a shed. A site plan / survey must be submitted. An engineered plan must be submitted. Also an environmental health dept approval must be submitted if you are on septic. There are other documents and procedures that are best obtained by calling Central Permitting at (727) 847-8126.

7. Pools - My neighbor's pool is not being maintained. It is green. Is this a violation?
Yes. Pools are required to be kept clean. Failure to maintain a pool is a violation of County code.

8. Towing - What are the maximum fees that can be charged by a towing company?
Pasco County regulates private towing when a tow is performed without the vehicle-owner's consent or when the towing is performed at the request of law enforcement (such as at an accident scene).

The county has set a limitation on the types and amount of fees that may be charged. The original fees may be found in Resolution 07-169 As of 2010, the maximum base rate has increased $5.00 because of an increase in the CPI.  For example, if a car is abandoned in a strip mall and the owner of the strip mall calls for a class A wrecker to remove it without the permission of the owner of the car, the tow company can charge a maximum base rate of $105.00 ($100.00 + $5.00 CPI increase). The wrecker company may also charge for storage and other services outlined in Resolution 07-169, but only at the rates set out in the document.

9. Trash - Are people allowed to keep junk in their yards?
County code prohibits yard areas from being used as storage area for junk automobiles, appliances or other storage or collection of any other public nuisance items. Also, no lot or yard area shall be used as a garbage dump or a dead animal rendering plant.

10. Vehicles - Can I have an unregistered or inoperative vehicle on my property?
No. All vehicles must be registered and operational, unless they are stored in a fully enclosed structure.