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2015 Pipe Replacements In Bear/Pithlachascotee Watershed
Inside View Of A Failed Majestic Boulevard Culvert
Inside view of a failed Majestic Boulevard Culvert. There were two.

Nine (9) locations experienced pipe replacements in the Bear/Pithlachascotee Watershed in 2015, as noted in the following link:

View 2015 Pipe Replacement Images and Locations:

The pipe replacements were all done by the competent staff of the Road and Bridge Division of the Public Works Department. The link shows the replacement date, size of pipe involved and pipe material.

The image at right shows one of the failure investigation results for the two culverts under Majestic Boulevard. The road had to be closed and a detour implemented to protect public safety, as will be seen from following the below Link. 

Majestic Boulevard Culverts After Replacement
Majestic Boulevard Culverts After Replacement

Click to read more on the culvert failure and road closure at Majestic Boulevard.

The image at right shows the newly installed replacement culverts under Majestic Boulevard.