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2015 Pipe Installation Report
2015 Monthly CCTV Pipe Inspections
2015 CCTV Pipe Inspections:

The image at right shows the 2015 Monthly data on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Pipe Inspections conducted County-wide. CCTV pipe inspections are an investigative and diagnostic tool that is used by both County staff and contract workers to analyze the functional condition of a pipe. A careful analysis and interpretation of the visual image and dimensions provided by this type of inspection will help decide what type of repair is needed, if any. Crushed pipes and pipes with leaking joints are detected using this highly specialized effort.

2015 Monthly Pipe Replacements
2015 Monthly Length of Pipes Replaced/Installed

2015 Pipe Repair and Replacement Statistics:

A graph of the 2015 Monthly Pipe replacements and/or installations is depicted at right. The length of installed or replaced piping is depicted. The specific location, pipe size, pipe material type, Watershed in which the installation was done and the Commissioners' District can be viewed by clicking the below link. Two tables depicting pipe replacements by Public Works Staff and by Contractors are found below.

View Location, Commissioners' District and Watershed of Pipe Replacements. (By Staff)

View Contracted Pipe Replacement Locations. (By Contractors)