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Recovery Update

Recovery - After the 2015 Flood Event: After the event ended the Public Works Department still had work to do, including damage assessment and general maintenance of damaged roads, placing and rolling road millings on failed roads and road sections to make the roads temporarily passable; continued road maintenance, including regular spraying of trackless tack to protect the road and reduce debris. This system of maintenance is estimated to cost $500,000 annually or about $7,575 per lane mile, and will continue until the roads are finally repaired.

Damage Assessment and Costs Estimates

  • Number of Roads Damaged: 159
  • Estimated Cost of Damaged Roads: $15,136,658
  • Damage Road Maintenance: $5,575 per lane mile or $500,000 per year

To complete the road repairs will take a minimum of 2-3 years if the full $15.1M was provided, but the current lack of funding will greatly extend the completion time (10+ years).

Watershed Meetings: The Public Works staff continued to provide assistance to the communities through public outreach. The department held 6 approximately 3-hour watershed meetings for those who were impacted the most by the flooding. These meetings provided information on available resources for assistance, why homes and roads were flooded, what the County did to respond to flooding, and future projects to prevent flooding. 

Future Projects Under Consideration: Many projects are being evaluated, but the major projects include the purchase of the Timber Oaks Golf Course and construction of stormwater retention ponds; Magnolia Valley Golf Course retention ponds; Duck Slough BMP6; Oak Ridge Canal maintenance;pond improvement on Winston Dr., and the Pithlachascotee / Anclote Conservation Effort (PACE) project.

Pasco County Citizens' Outreach: Six approximately 3-hour Watershed Meetings held for the following Watersheds: Bear Creek/Pithlachascotee; Port Richey; Double Hammock; Duck Slough; Pinellas/Anclote East; and Pinellas-Anclote West.    

Requested Federal Assistance