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Pump Deployment
Deployed Pump

Deployed Pump

Emergency Pump Deployment Operations
The Operations Division installed several pumps to help abate flooding for citizens during flooding events in various locations within Pasco County.

For Hurricane Irma, the
2017 Emergency Pump Deployment Report lists the location, pump discharge line size, deployment date and subdivision name. Pump deployment had been coordinated with the Southwest Florida Water Management District and involved their issuance of Emergency Field Authorizations to the county to authorize pumped diversion of floodwaters to prevent areas of flooding.

2017 Pump Deployment Report
Port Richey Watershed Permanent Pump 
Double Hammock Watershed - Timber Oaks Permanent Pump

                                     After The Storm

Hurricane Irma - September 11th Report   
Areas that previously had pumping operations did not have flooding issues with the exception of Jarvis Street which had two plus feet of water over the road, and Magnolia Valley. The Magnolia Valley electric pump lost power during the storm, a backup generator failed as well. Rowan Road was closed on September 10th at 9:00 am and a 12 inch pump was deployed running throughout the storm. Efforts to restore the electric pump operation are underway. There was minor reports of water over roads, presently there is none.