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2016 Monthly Landscaping Graph
The mission statement for the Pasco County Road and Bridge Department states:“Maintain a safe, quality transportation infrastructure for the citizens who live, work and travel through Pasco County.”

Pasco County has over 3,600 lane miles of road to maintain. On County maintained roads, the Road and Bridge Department performs a variety of maintenance activities. Patching potholes and resurfacing major roads under Program Maintenance. Mowing rights-of-way, including contracted mowing on high maintenance arterial and collector roads. Replacing traffic control signs that have exceeded their lifecycle or have been damaged and installing new signs. Trimming or removing trees that create a hazard to roadway users. There is the grading of unpaved roads. Maintaining and replacing guardrail and handrail. Removal of large dead animals found on the road or the right-of-way. Shoulder work is done to insure proper drainage, repair washouts and to keep roadway edges intact. Repair sinkholes in County roads and rights-of-way. Remove trash and other debris from the right-of-way. Remove Adopt-a-Road and Adopt-a-Pond cleanup pilings. Maintain road striping and pavement markings.

The above Graph shows the monthly man hours of work put into the landscaping  program. Landscaping is maintained by the Road and Bridge Division on major roads within the Median Enhancement Program of the Public Works Department.

Beautifully Maintained Pasco County Road