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Emergency First Responders
Barricade Installation

Barricade Installation Protects Citizens
The Public Works Department is essentially a "first responding agency" during emergency situations in the county, whether emergencies relate to flooding, hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes or sinkhole occurrences.

During an emergency typically first on the scene is Public Works staff that installs barricades, removes fallen trees and other debris in order to make transportation routes accessible for emergency vehicles such as ambulances. By providing cleared roadways, Public Works staff makes fire and rescue evacuation and emergency assistance possible. Staff also deploys pumps to help abate flooding of citizens' home and property.

Other Road Hazards:

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Failing Road

Public Safety After Disaster Events Includes Warnings of Dangerous Road Conditions.
Road sign installations and barricade placements provide first responders' warnings to protect life and facilitate the efforts of other county emergency operations such as fire and rescue teams and delivery of emergency services.