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Complaint Investigation Program

Public Works Department staff perform complaint investigations that cover a myriad of issues such as: asset maintenance, downed trees, flooding, etc. Citizen complaints are received from various sources including phone calls, email, or in person. Yet another way is when citizens petition threir elected officials and report a problem they are experiencing or is occurring somewhere within Pasco County.

WebQA & CMMS CityWorks are the current programs Pasco County utilizes to address citizen complaints. For the Public Works Department, each complaint is logged into WebQA or our newest platform, CMMS CityWorks. They are all assigned in either system and investigated by assigned personnel. Reported complaints or issues that do not fall within the County’s realm of responsibility are referred to the appropriate agencies. Such as Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and numerous other regulatory agencies. Complaints that relate to infrastructure maintenance and operations such as: blocked drainage conveyance or pipe, localized flooding that may or may not be related to drainage assets, etc. are initially assigned to the Operations Units of the Public Works Department. These complaints are investigated and reviewed in a timely manner. Complaints that are related to watersheds and stormwater infrastructure performance are assigned to the Stormwater Management Division for review and investigation.

The typical process starts when a citizen’s complaint is entered into WebQA or CityWorks program. Shortly thereafter, a Service Request or Work Order will be generated and assigned to the appropriate staff members within the Public Works Department. The generated service request, or work order, will then be periodically updated as progress is made on the complaint. This detailed process involves several steps that include inter department coordination, research, and documentation. Citizens wishing to access these programs are encouraged to use the contact information & links found on the Home Page. Both data bases are available to the public as Public Works transitions from WebQA to CityWorks. Citizens can log on to both using their own secure username and password to complete the interactive forms. These forms allow the complainants to: provide detailed information about the issue and location, attach any photos or documentation, provide contact information, and in CityWorks geographically create a location point on the map.

The Public Works Department will periodically perform a statistical analysis on their activities which includes, the number of work orders & service requests opened and closed during the previous month, as noted in the above graph for the 2016 reporting period.