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Culvert/Pipe Installation
2015 Monthly Length of Pipes Installed
2015 Monthly Length of Pipes/Culverts Installed
The Road and Bridge Division of the Public Works Department has an active pipe replacement program for failing or failed older pipes. Many of the older pipes are Corrugated Metal Pipes (CMPs) that are in various states of disrepair. The pipe replacement program protects public safety and helps maintain drainage conveyances in fully functional status so that flooding may be minimized during rainstorms.

When these older pipes fail, they pose threats to public safety, in addition to their potential adverse impact on storm runoff movement through those pipes/culverts. The failure of two large CMPs under Majestic Boulevard, a major roadway access to the Beacon Woods community just north of State Road 52 resulted in road closure an detour at that location.

Failed Majestic Boulevard Culverts
Failed Majestic Boulevard Culverts.
Majestic Boulevard Culvert Failure and Replacement:

The picture at right shows the collapsed and failed inside view of the old Corrugated Metal Pipes under Majestic Boulevard, north of the intersection with SR 52. The pipes were built in 19xx. A Picture of the Majestic Boulevard Surface Collapse, shows the public safety seriousness of the culvert failure Majestic Boulevard is a major roadway access to the Beacon Woods Community from State Road 52. Staff of the Road and Bridge Division diagnosed the problem and photo-documented the Structural Failure of the pipe, as noted in the image at right.

View New Majestic Boulevard Culverts:

Pipe/Culvert Replacements In 2015: The Road & Bridge Division has published a list of in-house pipe replacements completed last year, with their locations, as well as pictures, as may be available. Click Here To View 2015 In-house Pipe Replacements.