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Enforcement Program
Illicit Discharge
Turbid Waters Entering Wetlands = Illicit Discharge
Ordinance Citations and Ordinance Violation Warning Notices:
The December 28, 2015 County Administrator Memorandum No. CA 16M-5011 delegates administrative interpretation responsibilities for County's Land Development Codes (LDC) to specific officials of Pasco County government. According to that document the Public Works Director is currently assigned the responsibility for LDC Section 902.1, which deals with stormwater quality. Violations of this LDC are handled by select staff who work with other County officials, the Public Works Director and the County Attorney's Office to pursue noncompliance with specific areas of the Land Development Code. Stormwater-related and non-stormwater related violations are currently processed using a special Pasco County Ordinance Citation form.

Stormwater Citations include:Illicit Discharge-MS4 (LDC 902.1.D.A, Illicit Discharge - Reporting (902.1.D.1.c), Illicit Discharge - Failure to Control (902.1.D.1.d), EPS Controls - Construction Sites (902.1.D.2.a), Best Management Practice (BMP) - Commercial/Industrial Sites (902.1.D.2.b), and Discharge Without Permit (902.1.D.2.c).

Non-Stormwater Cittations: These include Illicit Discharge - MS4 (9-02.1.E..1), Illicit Discharge - US Waters (902.1.E.1), Illicit Discharge - Failure to Control (902.1.E.4), Inspection Violation (902.1.E.4) and Failure to Maintain BMPs (902.1.F.2).

Other LDC Citations: These include, but are not limited to Illegal Fill (LDC Section 403.6.D.1), Right of Way Use Permit (LDC Section 406.5.a), Failure to To Comply With Right of Way Use Permit (LDC Section 406.5.H.1), Illegal Fill (LDC Section 403.6.D.1) as well as Illegal Clearing/Grubbing/Grading (Section 403.4.F.1).

Ordinance Violation Warning Notices: Pasco County Ordinance Violation Warning Notice is sometimes issued to those found to be in violation of above listed County Land Development Codes. 

Illegal Fill Violation
Illegal Fill Violation
Illegal Fill Violations: The deposition of fill requires a County permit, except when it involves under five cubic yards that is in upland (non-floodplain and not wetland). Filling in wetlands or in floodplains is regulated and permits (County and/or Water Management District) may be required for such activities.

Illegal Dumping Violations: This violation category includes the disposal of "waste" or trash or  refuse of any kind in areas other than legal collection sites.

Erosion and Sediment Control Violations: Improperly installed erosion and sediment control Best Management Practices (BMPs) or lack of such BMPs, may result in violations of state water quality standards resulting from sediment discharge into wetlands or downstream areas. Each active construction site meeting the 1-acre threshold is expected at the site to include a display of a Notice of Intent to Issue (NOI) and the Surface Water Pollution Prevention Plan with appropriate BMPs.