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Engineering Inspections
Installed Erosion and Sediment Control
Silt Fence Installation for Erosion and Sediment Control
The Engineering Inspections Program is manned by a Lead Engineering Inspector who supervises a team of five Public Works Inspectors. Inspectors are responsible for the following activities: 

Pursuant to the December 28, 2015 Memorandum of Delegation, responsibility for compliance with the county's Land Development Code (LDC) Section 902.1 is delegated to the Public Works Director.  This delegation is functionally implemented in the Stormwater Management Division.  After the county issues a site development permit, two Public Works Inspectors in the Division perform erosion and sediment control inspections of qualifying sites. This activity is performed to assure compliance with Section 902.1.D of the LDC regarding stormwater discharges from commercial activities, industrial activities and construction activities.

Contrascted Roadway Sweeping
Contracted Roadway Sweeping Program
The inspections cover stormwater discharges into the county's Municipal Storm Sewer System (MS4) facilities as well as construction runoff discharges to waters of the United States. The inspectors are certified in erosion and sediment control procedures. For each qualifying residential and commercial development site, there are Pre, Mid and Final erosion and sediment control inspections conducted by the Public Works Inspectors. Industrial and similar developments fall into a "high-risk" inspection category. Documentation of each site inspection  uses an official pre-approved Erosion and Sediment Control Inspection Form. Information from these forms is currently migrated into a database that is part of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Compliance Program for inclusion in the Annual NPDES Report. 

Enforcement: Another two Public Works Inspectors are responsible for the Enforcement Program which involves investigating and documenting violations of stormwater related and non-stormwater related county ordinances. These inspectors work with the county Attorney's Office regarding non-compliance cases.The NPDES Permit Program is part of the 1972 Clean Water Act.