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Shovel-ready Projects
Split Rail Court Flooding
Split Rail Court Flooding at Eagleswood Condominiums
The Stormwater Management Division maintains a list of projects that includes projects completed by in-house engineers and/or outside consultants. The of projects includes Shovel-ready Projects which are those that have been designed, permitted with the regulatory agencies but for which no construction has begun, because of any number of reasons including: funding, lack of needed drainage easements or low rank.

The list includes the project name, estimated cost of the conceptual design, estimated construction cost, Watershed in which the project is located, as well as the Commissioner's District in which the project is located. The image at right shows flooding along a segment of Split Rail Court, in the Eagleswood Condominium neighborhood in the Beacon Woods Community. There is a clear public safety concern compounded by damage that results from persistent flooding of the pavement. Split Rail Court is a County-maintained public road. However, the drainage design to correct this flooding  flooding project whose design was completed by in-house Stormwater Management Division engineering staff, and for which a Statewide Environmental Resource Permit has already been obtained. 

View Eagleswood Condominium Pond Improvement Design Plans.

The Program Administrator of the Public Works Department has developed a Construction Project Ranking Tool that is helping Stormwater Management Division staff assign functional ranks to each construction project on the list. program that will provide a decision protocol for selecting projects for construction, based on funding availability, the type flooding impact (residential dwelling, access), regulatory permit ability as well as benefit/cost, etc.

Shovel-ready projects refer to those Capital Improvement Projects that are ready for construction because a conceptual design was completed, a construction-level design was approved and regulatory permitting is either complete or nearing completion. The List of Shovel-ready Projects includes the preliminary rank, the preliminary cost estimate for design/permitting, the watershed and District where the project is located and the estimated cost of construction which may not include the cost of land or other easements needed for project construction. Construction projects originate from conceptual designs that are based on an analysis of regional or local flooding. The regional analyses typically involves a large land mass in a watershed and may identify projects in the watershed analyses as potential candidates to abate flooding in an affected area.