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Mowing Program
Pasco County Maintained Pond Locations:

The physical location (road name) of County maintained areas, have work order numbers associated with the mowing operation at those locations. These locations are available to view by clicking on the link above.

Physical address mowing includes the use of mechanical devices such as mowers and weed wackers to maintain the following:
  • Drainage flow-ways
  • Ditches
  • Retention/detention ponds
  • Road shoulder & roadside swales
  • Retention/detention banks

There are mow sites that include 92 ditches and ponds that are currently contracted to a qualified contractor who went through the County's competitive bidding program. The location of the mow sites and segments can be found as noted below:

Contracted "Mow Sites"

The following links will take users to specific locations of ponds and drainage canals that are maintained by a County contractor. 

County Staff-maintained "Mow Sites": 

County crews currently maintain 93 ponds and ditches or drainage flow-ways. Fifty three of these mow sites are located in the West Pasco area while forty are located in the East Pasco area. Another 92 ponds are maintained by contractors. The Stormwater Management Division staff supervises the mowing contract. As with other contractors, the selected contractor goes through a competitive bidding process with the County's Purchasing Department.