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Major Maintenance Program
Maintenance Program:

Stormwater Management is responsible for inspecting and maintaining existing stormwater drainage structures such as public ponds, ditches and culverts. Along with these services the division also provides routine cleaning and repair to ensure Pasco County’s stormwater system is in optimal working condition. In addition to performing these maintenance functions, the division operates large flood control structures.

The division’s maintenance activities include the cleaning of catch basins and culverts as well as the installation and replacement of culverts. The maintenance crew maintains and cleans retention/detention ponds, ditches and swales. The crew also mows ditches and performs roadway sweeping.

Another maintenance service that the division performs is aquatic weed control for County maintained stormwater systems. A chemical herbicide application is used to reduce vegetation growth in canals, ponds and ditches that may have drainage flow restrictions during a rain event.