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Erosion and Sediment Control Inspections
Inspections for proper erosion and sediment controls are required by the County's NPDES permit for development sites exceeding 1-acre in size. These inspections are performed by the Stormwater Management Division's Engineering Inspectors. For each construction site, there are three types of inspections required Pre, Mid and Final.

The NPDES permit primarily covers residential and commercial development inspections,  although industrial and similar developments are also covered that fall into a "high-risk" inspection category. Click here to view a copy of the Erosion and Sediment Control Inspection which includes 

parameters inspected during each site visit. An internal database of inspections is maintained by the Stormwater Management Division for record keeping and audit requirements.  

Reports required by the NPDES permit include, among several other mandates, documentation of the number of Erosion and Sediment Control Inspections conducted annually. The graph above shows available Stormwater Management Division staff data on the Pre, Mid and Final inspections completed for the stated years.

Funding for Erosion and Sediment Control Inspections:
Funding for the Erosion and Sediment Control Program is presently approved by the Board of County Commissioners.