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Capital Improvements
Major Drainage Structure Construction
Major Drainage Structure Construction

Capital Improvement Projects: The Public Works Department's responsibilities include the implementation of drainage-related capital improvements which includes the construction of new drainage infrastructure such as depicted at right.  Projects are typically identified in Watershed Management Plans that involve engineering investigations of flooding or other drainage problems in the County. These investigations may be for understanding local drainage issues or larger flooding issues in a watershed. The investigations are sometimes conceptual designs that require additional regulatory permitting or other approvals prior to their construction implementation. 

Capital Improvement Projects, such as displayed in the following link to a 
video of Duck Slough BMP1A, show how the Public Works Department performs flood alleviation for County citizens. BMP1A was designed, permitted and constructed to allow the artificial lowering of wetland water levels in wetlands during times of inclement weather and anticipated flooding. The video shows that this Capital Improvement Project works and fulfills its design function.

Major Operable Structure
Another Capital Improvement Project for Flood Protection
Contracted Engineering, Drainage Analysis, Design & Permitting: The Public Works Department maintains a list of qualified, pre-approved providers of engineering and other professional services from which it draws expertise for larger, more complex drainage improvement projects. These providers undergo a rigorous vetting of their credentials as documented in their responses to the County's Requests for Statements of Qualifications (RSQs).  Contractors are similarly used for other larger projects such as the Sea Pines Neighborhood Flood Abatement Project, which resulted in the identification of conceptual design alternatives that could be implemented by the County as funds become available.

Engineering, Drainage Analysis Design & Permitting (Stormwater Staff):
Flooding investigations are also conducted by Stormwater Management Division staff who design and permit small drainage projects to correct local flooding.

List of Shovel-ready Projects
 (Awaiting Construction Implementation):
The Public Works Department is currently implementing a Project Ranking Tool that will provide a decision tree for selecting projects for construction  based on:
  • Funding availability
  • Type flooding impact (residential dwelling)
  • Access
  • Permittability
  • Benefit/cost, etc.
The projects listed below show various projects that are either ready for construction, if funds are available, as well as those projects that are nearly ready for construction implementation where  funding is available.