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Facilities Master Plan
Facilities Master Plan
Pasco County Government Facilities Master Plan
CGL, in association with Moss Construction, was retained by Pasco County to prepare a 20-year master space and facilities plan for various government departments and offices located throughout the County. As a result of continued growth and the broad service area that the County maintains, Pasco County is confronted with the need to review and update facility space allocations to adequately house and perform County government functions.

The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) was accomplished in two phases.

The first phase focused on providing space standards and sound forecasts for the Pasco Sheriff's Office and Judicial Services Organizations (Judiciary, State Attorney, Public Defender, Clerk and Comptroller, Guardian Ad Litem, Misdemeanor Probation, and Court Administration). These studies comprised the Pasco County Criminal Justice Facilities Master Plan.

The second phase focused on providing space standards and sound forecasts for all remaining Pasco County Constitutional Offices (Supervisor of Elections, Tax Collector, Property Appraiser) as well as all departments serving under the direction of the Board of County Commissioners. These studies were compiled to create the Pasco County Government Facilities Master Plan. Lastly, the two plans were unified to create an comprehensive Phased Implementation Schedule as the roadmap for when and where to locate future facilities.